Initial Training Courses

TC-2212 - C-130H/AMP Maintenance Initial Engine Run Course

This course provides the Initial T56-15 Engine Ground Run course for the C-130 Engine Technician Specialist. At the end of this course the participant will have aircraft type knowledge and skill in order to perform and certify engine run up tasks.

Knowledge and skill are based on the following syllabus:
  • Communication systems & operation

  • Hydraulic System & Operation

  • Electrical Systems & Operation

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Performing system and engine checks as specified in the run up manual

  • Interpretation of information provided by aircraft onboard equipment

  • Trouble shooting of aircraft and power plant systems based on information derived from test run

  • Crew Resource Management - Safety procedures

  • Emergency procedures


Qualified C-130 Engine Technician Specialist.

Ground Academy

Total of 49 hrs (7 hrs x 7 days)

C-130H Simulator Training
  • Total of 18 hrs in 3 days (inclusive of 9 simulator hrs, 3 hrs of pre-briefing & 6 hrs of de-briefing)

  • Final evaluation and certification will be completed at the student’s home station by a qualified local authority to successfully round out a fully meaningful C-130H Initial Engine Ground Run Qualification program.

Course Location

AviationLearn Pte Ltd classroom facilities and C-130 Simulator Training Center at Jakarta.

Class Size

Max 3 participants