Refresher Training Courses

TC-2122 - C-130H/AMP eCRM Refresher Program

The enhanced Crew Resource Management (eCRM) and C-130H Navigator Refresher Training program is specially tailored for C-130H Navigators. It caters to Junior (200-500FH), Supervisory (600-1000FH) and Senior Navigators (1000-1300FH).

The program and course outline is carefully structured to provide review of C-130H aircraft and Navigational Systems. The program also introduces the eCRM Process Discipline, Fundamentals, Competencies and Task Oriented Processes. The training will be engaging with several case studies to ingrain Navigator's discipline.


Qualified C-130H Navigator

Course Duration

4 days of ground school training and 1 day of full motion C-130H Simulator session (3 hours)

Course Location

Halim, Jakarta, Indonesia

Class Size

Minimum 3 navigators to a maximum of 5 per classroom

Knowledge and skill are based on the following course outline:
Day 1
  1. Introduction

  2. eCRM Part I & II

  3. System Discipline Part I & II

  4. Process Discipline

  5. Case Studies I, II & III

  6. Review of lectures & reflection

Day 2
  1. Aircrew Fundamentals Part I & II

  2. Review of Pilot/Navigator/Flight Engineer Roles and Responsibilites

  3. Strengthen Competencies

  4. Case Studies I, II & III

  5. Review of lectures & reflection

Day 3
  1. eCRM Part I & II

  2. Case Studies I, II & III

  3. Review of lectures & reflection

  4. End of eCRM - Critique and Certificate presentation

Day 4
  1. C-130H Aircraft and Navigational Systems Review

  2. Limitations Review

  3. Emergencies Procedures Review

Day 5
  1. Mission Planning Circle - eCRM

  2. Planning exercise (AirLift/AAR) - (Jeppesens Planning software)

  3. Simulator Session Brief

  4. C-130 Simulator session (3hrs)

  5. Simulator Session Debrief

Customization of Training Program

The eCRM course can be further designed to include and meet the specific squadron Standard Operating Procedures and requirements for multiple crew operations consisting of C-130H Pilots, Flight Engineer and Loadmaster. AVIATION LEARN is committed to aviation safety and aircrew professionalism. A creative program to deliver aircrew fundamentals with Process and System discipline is our core objective.

Upon completion of training, the Navigator will be proficient and current in their knowledge. They will be prepared for the squadron flight re-qualification program to perform as an operational C-130H Navigator in a squadron environment.