C-130H Tactical Loadmaster Refresher Programme

TC-2124 - C-130H Tactical Loadmaster Refresher Programme

This course is specially tailored to refresh operational C-130H Loadmasters in tactical roles. During the course, the Loadmaster will be refreshed on airdrop procedures both on the ground and in-flight. These normal and emergency procedures will be taught through using the Loadmaster Immersive Trainer (LIT).

The LIT comprises multiple air drop missions and loads in numerous settings. This realistic simulation in the LIT bridges their knowledge and skills with the operational environment. One important feature of the LIT is the ability for instructors to inject malfunction scenarios and present common rigging discrepancies that trainee may face during actual air drop flights. In actual flying, it is impractical to simulate malfunction procedures such as Load fails to extract (HE) or Load struck on the ramp (CDS). With the LIT, such uncertainties are now made possible and trainees can now learn to recognise and respond with corrective actions. If trainees do not respond adequately, they will see the consequences and fail the mission. The LIT has recording and play-back features that captures trainees’ actions for post lesson debriefs. These will allow them to reflect, analyse, and learn from their (and other’s) mistakes and good practices.

The theoretical portion will be refreshed on the procedures as stipulated in the Cargo Loading Manual (-9), Rigging Airdrop Platforms Manual (-5) and Rigging Containers Manual (-11).

The practical portion is accomplished in the LIT in AviationLearn.

Upon completion, the Loadmaster will be proficient and current in their knowledge before performing their refresher flight training in the operational unit.

Course Outline
Module 1 – Personnel Airdrop (PARA)
  • Review on PARA role

  • Rigging procedures (Cargo Loading Manual)

  • Joint Airdrop Inspection (JAI) procedures

  • Checklist procedures

Module 2 – Container Delivery System (CDS)
  • Review on CDS role

  • Rigging procedures (Cargo Loading Manual and Rigging Containers Manual)

  • Joint Airdrop Inspection (JAI) procedures

  • Checklist procedures

- Module 3 – Heavy Equipment (HE)
  • Review on HE role

  • Rigging procedures(Cargo Loading Manual and Rigging Airdrop Platforms Manual)

  • Joint Airdrop Inspection (JAI) procedures

  • Checklist procedures

Target Group and Requisites

This course is aimed at tactical role qualified C-130 Loadmaster who has lapsed in their currency.