C-130H Loadmaster Refresher Programme

TC-2123 - C-130H/AMP Loadmaster Refresher Program

This course is designed to provide refresher training for operational C-130H Loadmasters to regain back basic flying currency. In addition, to enhance his deploybility, Search and Locate (SAL) role module will also be included in this course.

This course is divided into 2 phases – theoretical and practical. The theoretical phase includes a refresher on selected topics in the Flight Manual (-1) and Cargo Loading Manual (-9). Latest changes to procedures which may affect the Loadmaster operations as a crewmember will also be highlighted during the course. During the course, the all-new C-130 Load Planning System will also be introduced and taught in the Aircraft Weight and Balance module.

The practical section of the course is accomplished through hands-on training in the Loadmaster Immersive Trainer (LIT) in AviationLearm or on the actual aircraft provided by the unit.

Upon completion, the knowledge attained will enable and sufficiently prepare the Loadmasters to perform their refresher flight training in the operational unit.

Course Outline
Module 1 – Personnel Airdrop (PARA)
  • - Aircraft characteristics

  • - Pallet characteristics

  • - Loading aids

  • - A/ A32H-4A cargo handling system (Theory and practical)

  • - Loading/ unloading procedures

  • - Aircraft weight and balance (Theory and practical)

Module 2 – Container Delivery System (CDS)
  • Review on CDS role

  • Rigging procedures (Cargo Loading Manual and Rigging Containers Manual)

  • Joint Airdrop Inspection (JAI) procedures

  • Checklist procedures

- Module 3 – Heavy Equipment (HE)
  • Review on HE role

  • Rigging procedures(Cargo Loading Manual and Rigging Airdrop Platforms Manual)

  • Joint Airdrop Inspection (JAI) procedures

  • Checklist procedures

Target Group and Requisites

This course is aimed at qualified C-130 Loadmaster who has lapsed in their currency.

Course Location

Aviationlearn, Singapore