Virtual Maintenance Trainer

Virtual Hanger Trainer (VHT) is a Three-Dimensional (3D) virtual simulation, used to impart knowledge to maintenance crew (technicians or engineers), both initial or recurrent, on Aircraft Maintenance Procedures and Emergency Aircraft Response Procedures.

VHT is a highly reliable trainer that allows realistic digital mock up of environment and geometric data set.
VHT simulaton provides a step by step execution procedural knowledge to students, familiarizing them with “hands on experience” in the virtual environment.

Three types of scenarios are projected. Familiarisation, Procedural Training and Troubleshooting Scenarios.

VHT allows single or multiplayer environment where handheld devices are used to navigate and interact with players or with the environment.

Aircraft Maintanence Procedures
1. Aircraft Start-up/ Launch
2. Aircraft Receiving / ShutDown
3. Refuelling & De-fuelling
4. Aircraft Jacking
5. EOR Check
6. Aircraft engine ground-run
7. Electrical Powerup Check
Emergency Aircraft Response
8. Hydrazine leak
9. Hot brakes
10. Hung Munitions

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