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C130H Aircrew Training System (ATS)

The C130H Aircrew Training System (ATS) is a configurable Integrated Virtual Procedure Trainer (IVPT) that integrate sounds, visual scenes, instruments and all other systems to provide a high-fidelity, realistic and 3D immersive flight training environment. It provides training on fault finding, Normal  and Emergency procedures in a safe and cost-effective virtual environment. AviationLearn’s IVPT is equipped with touch panels that allow students to view and operate virtual aircraft panels, controls, indicators and displays within the flight deck. The IVPT allows real-time interaction with main aircraft systems in a structured training environment or complete free-play mode. Flight Crew members or ie. the Pilot, Copilot and Flight Engineer can work together in an integrated crew environment. IVPT provides familiarization of procedures and systems training in C130H / C130H AMP aircraft types prior to entering a Full Flight Simulator. 

IVPT was developed to answer the key question of “If cost effective alternatives exist” and where training can be better structured to maximize ROI. Recent trends and initiatives by some C130 operators in moving training hours off of the flight line into simulations have demonstrated that cost savings can be had while achieving similar results in operational flight training. A good cost-benefit analysis and curriculum design assigning the right mix of fidelity to training phases is also key in achieving these results. This success has changed the way training is now conducted for these operators’ C130 flight crews in their initial qualification. Under these initiatives, the amount of simulation time required for student pilots has increased by 50%, while the amount of time flying actual aircraft has decreased by 30%. For flight engineers in training, the amount of simulation time has doubled, while actual flying time in the aircraft has almost halved. There is a shift in viewing Full Flight Simulator training devices (Level D devices) as actual aircraft, and that means pilots cannot waste time in such high fidelity and expensive devices practicing non-flying tasks, such as flight checks. To achieve better ROI, there is a need to shift some of the training out of much more costly training devices as Full Flight Simulators into Virtual Procedure Trainers such as the Aircrew Training System or IVPT on which students can learn and practice their skills.

Preview our design concept for the preflight checklist in Virtual Reality

Preview our Virtual Reality Part Task Trainer demo on C130H Pre-flight to Engine Start Normal Checklist Procedures

Preview our Virtual Reality Part Task Trainer demo on C130H Before Taxi to Engine Shut Down Checklist Procedures

Preview our Part Task Trainer demo on Engine Fire emergency procedure for the C130H Maintenance Engine Run

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